How To Take a Good ID Photo

Instructions (Scroll to the Bottom For Example)

  • Stand in front of a white wall
  • lights on in the room / flash on
  • don’t take it yourself – don’t use a selfie stick
  • don’t smile
  • have the camera close, no more than 3ft away from you
  • mid chest and up (do not send full length photos, get that camera nice and close to you)
  • make sure your hair isn’t chopped off

This will eliminate 99% of the bad photos we receive. For a more detailed instruction see the infographic below (example at bottom of page):

how to take a good fake ID photo

Below is an example of a GOOD Photo

Please notice:

-no hair on face

-looking directly at the camera

-white or light colored background

-high resolution

-no shadows on face

idphoto id photo passport picture